Top 3 Outdoor Lighting Questions

outdoor lightingKeeping your home’s landscape and exterior looking great is one of your biggest priorities, and at Shamrock Electric, our San Diego electricians can help you keep your home as attractive as possible even during the darkest parts of the night. There’s not reason to let the hard work that you put into your home’s exterior and landscape fade away each night. Our outdoor lighting experts can work with you to design lighting schemes that bring out the best features of your property.

When you decide to add outdoor lighting to your exterior and/or landscape, your options for the design will be nearly limitless, whether you’re looking to light a walkway, garden, or other elements of your landscape. Our professionals understand the importance both artistry and mechanics in this type of project, and we’ll work with you to make sure that both of those aspects of the design are done perfectly.

Landscape lighting can do a lot to improve your property. We’ve put together a few of the most common questions homeowners ask before they have this project performed.

1. Should You Hire a Professional or Do the Job Yourself?

When deciding whether or not you need a professional to do this job, ask yourself what kind of results you want to achieve.

Outdoor lighting isn’t necessarily too difficult to take on yourself, but if you want a professional quality job, you’ll need to hire a professional. You could most likely set up a few lighting fixtures in your yard with their own limited, self-contained power sources as a weekend project, and for some homeowners, that can be adequate.

If you’re looking for well-designed and permanently installed landscape lighting fixtures, then there’s no alternative to hiring professionals for the job. Our San Diego electricians will make sure that the design of your new outdoor lighting scheme is an enhancement of your home and your yard. We’ll set up all of the lighting fixtures that that they’re connected a singular power source that you can control from inside your home.

2. Is It Better to Pay More for LED Lights?

LED bulbs typically cost around $40 each, which is about eight times more than halogen bulbs. LED lights have cooler temperatures, which makes them look almost bluish, so if you do decide to use them, you may want to try to find bulbs with a warmer color.

While LED bulbs cost more, they can be used for around 40,000 hours before they need to replaced, which amounts to about 20 years of regular use. That’s about ten times longer than standard light bulbs.

3. What Qualities Do You Need in Your Landscape Lighting Design?

There are three things you’ll want to make sure are incorporated into your landscape lighting design:

  • Safety,
  • Security, and
  • Sophistication

The electrical work should be handled by a professional in order to keep this project as safe as possible. Your landscape lighting setup should also light areas near entryways, porches, and patios. The design should also be aesthetically beneficial. Our professionals will make sure that all of these qualities are present in the design of your outdoor lighting.

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