Benefits To Installing A Home Standby Generator For Your San Diego Home

Home GeneratorsOver the last several years, the importance of having a backup power solution for your home has become evident to many residents all across the country. In 2011, our country had it’s worst year on record for power outages lasting more than 24 hours, reaching upwards of 21 million customers. During these power crisis, big box stores quickly sell out of portable, gas powered generators, but these only work as a temporary solution as they can only power one or two peripheral items, and don’t have the output to power your major appliances. In addition, as anyone who has been through a major storm or natural disaster can tell you, it isn’t always possible to find gasoline in the aftermath of such an event. Home standby generators can be a great way to safeguard your home and family in the event of a lingering blackout from a storm or natural disaster. Here are just a few of the different ways a home standby generator can benefit you and your family in the event of a lingering blackout.

Essential Power During Emergencies

It goes without saying that when your home loses power, you won’t be able to run the crucial electronics in your home. This can an annoyance in the short term, but if you lose power during the wrong time of year, or for an extended period of time, not being able to use your heating or cooling system can actually be a fairly dangerous prospect. Losing power for an extended period of time can be even more dangerous if you have anyone in the home who depends on electronic medical equipment. While many of these systems have a built-in battery backup, this is not designed for extended use.

Convenience & Safety

A home standby generator is designed to kick on the moment your home loses power and to turn itself off as soon as it detects power returning to your home from the utility line. This means that there won’t be any running around outside trying to hook up and start a portable generator, and it means no stumbling around inside the house trying to find flashlights and candles in the dark. When you have a home standby generator, you have peace of mind in knowing that in the event of an emergency, your power will kick on almost immediately, and will stay on until the utility power is restored. The transfer switch that regulates when the unit powers on also acts as a safety mechanism too, preventing the back-feed of electricity that can cause house fires and injure utility workers while they are trying to restore power.

Saving Money In An Emergency

Let Shamrock Electric provide power to your entire home during an extended outage with a home standby generator that can also stand to save you a lot of money. In addition to powering heating and cooling units, and any necessary medical equipment, it will also be providing power to your refrigerator, which means you don’t have to worry about losing potentially hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. In addition, your generator can keep your sump pump running, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in clean-up and remodeling costs if something were to happen to your basement. If you lose power in the winter, you can even keep your water heater running, which can reduce the risk of your water pipes freezing and bursting.

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