Electrical Tips For Older Homes In San Diego

aluminum-wiringMany people don’t realize how unsafe the wiring in an old home can be. If you’ve inherited or purchased an older home, it is wise to be sure that the wiring and electrical panel are up to date and safe. While there are some things you can look for yourself, there are many things that only a trained electrician will be qualified to recognize.

The problem with electrical wiring is that it is not easily accessible. It runs inside the walls and ceilings of your home. Power then runs through the wire and is controlled by the panel box where your circuit breakers are located. The wiring runs to outlets, switches, and fixtures. There could be a problem anywhere that can’t be seen, so testing is important.

Checking For Aluminum or Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob & Tube wiring is most commonly recognized by any visible ceramic mounts. The ceramic insulators are used instead of staples to attach the wiring to studs and other areas such as ceiling joists.

Aluminum wiring is harder to identify. An electrician will need to check your breaker box and examine the wiring behind the components.

Have you found hidden knob & tube wiring in your San Diego home? If so, the electrical system should be assessed by a professional electrician because not all old wiring is dangerous. But due to the components and how the wiring system is put together, it could currently be an unsafe problem. The installation and any modifications that have been made since then will have to be carefully inspected.

Have Your Electrical Panel Upgraded

Older homes need to have the electrical panel checked for a possible upgrade. Homes built before the turn of the century and prior may need additional electrical power to support today’s needs. If you have an older home in San Diego or if any previous repairs were done some time ago, it’s vital to have an inspection done on the wiring, components, and electrical panel.

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Electrical Safety Inspections

Older homes should always have their electrical systems inspected by a qualified electrician. It is not uncommon to purchase an older home that has been remodeled only to find that the electrical work was not done right.

There is a very long list of items checked during your professional inspection. Everything associated with electricity in your home or business will be examined and tested by experts including emergency standby generator systems, circuits, cables, and raceways.

If you need a professional safety inspection report for insurance claims, for your own use, or for some other purpose, we can provide you with a detailed, thorough professional safety inspection. With this type of inspection, you’ll have a written report from our expert master electrician who is a qualified electrical inspector.

Please Always Hire An Experienced, Licensed Electrician For Maintenance & Repairs

Electrician’s work is one of those things that could be dangerous to you or someone else further down the line if not done properly and up to the current safety code standards or above. These standards are set in place to protect you as the homeowner or commercial property owner and everyone you are eventually responsible for who enters your building or home. Faulty electrical wiring (meaning those installed or repaired incorrectly).

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Wiring Replacement, Inspections, & Repair Service In San Diego?

Some, if not all of your knob & tube or aluminum wiring may have to be replaced. If you have old wiring that needs repair or replacement, Shamrock Electric will provide you with an honest, competitive estimate.

We are the team to call for all your home’s electrical service needs. We also provide commercial electrical services in the San Diego area. We believe everyone should be safe and that includes all our friends and neighbors in the San Diego area!

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