San Diego Electrician and Ceiling Fan Repairs

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At Shamrock Electric, we strive to make all of our work the best you can find. All of our contractors are licensed and extensively trained, so that we can guarantee professional electrical service. We are also keenly aware that any electrical repairs beyond the absolute simplest are very dangerous and should always be handled by a professional. Ceiling fans are extremely common in modern homes, and their problems can often seem like an easy fix. But any time you need to work with electrical wiring, you should turn the job over to the most trusted San Diego electrician for your ceiling fan repairs.

San Diego Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a new ceiling fan can be a complicated procedure, depending on whether you already have a fixture in place and how close the wiring is. The professional San Diego electricians of Shamrock Electric can handle the job no matter how simple or complicated it is. We’ll discuss all the options of the job with you and we’ll always be completely upfront about pricing. We can add whatever additional bracing may be required and work with any variation of home wiring. For any kind of San Diego ceiling fan installation,  you can count Shamrock Electric for professional, reliable work.

San Diego Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Noisy ceiling fans can force to you have to decide between hot, sleepless night, or a noisy, sleepless night. The noise can be fixed simply enough, and our professional electricians can do what it takes to ensure they don’t recur. We can do work to make sure larger problems don’t come up in the future and take preventative measures to give your fan the most efficient and longest life possible. Call us at any time to schedule your appointment, and we’ll show you what professional service should look like.

San Diego Ceiling Fan Repair

Any number of problems can occur with ceiling fans, from electrical wiring mishaps, motor dysfunction, or split bearings. If any troubles are occurring with your ceiling fan aside from dusty blades, you’re best course of action is to hire a San Diego professional electrician. Our contractors can handle any problems your ceiling fan may experience.

It can often seem like it’s best to cash your chips in and buy an entirely new fan, but some San Diego homeowners have put quite alot of investment into a ceiling fan that fits their home decor or appeals to them for any other reason. We can help make sure you keep the ceiling fan you love, and you save you upwards of five-hundred to a thousand dollars on a replacement.

For any of your San Diego ceiling fan repair needs--or any electrical repairs--call Shamrock Electric at 760-560-8856 or fill out our online request form.


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