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The city of Vista, CA is located on the northwestern portion of San Diego County. With a population of 93,834 in 2010, it is considered a medium sized city in the San Diego Metro area. With the beautiful vies, weather patterns, and the ocean only a jump away, it's no wonder so many love to live in the Vista area. Initially, the Vista are was inhabited by the Luiseno Indians until San Luis Rey Mission was founded in 1798. The mission-era declined by the 1830's when Mexico became independent from Spain. Land grants were given and the ranching era began.

After World War II, agricultural land gave way to an influx of population who needed housing. Vista was incorporated in 1963 and has enjoyed frequent housing booms. Many homes and apartment buildings were built throughout the years, and many have seen renovations or remodeling. If you're living in an older home in Vista that has seen upgrades or remodeling, it's important that your electrical systems be checked out, especially if you're experiencing overloads or any other problems.

Many times, electrical work is done by those who aren't skilled or properly licensed, which can cause problems if the work wasn't handled right. Plus, you may need to have your electrical panel upgraded since we use so many more electrical devices and appliances than years ago.

Electrical Repairs in Vista

Loose wiring, loose connections, sparks, smoke, arcs, burning smells -all are signs that your electrical system in Vista is in need of repairs. Problems like this can be very dangerous for you and your family. If you have electrical problems in your Vista home, give our experts at Shamrock Electric a call. We are expert troubleshooters that can take care of any repairs that are needed on your Vista electrical system. We can also provide many other services to meet your electrical needs including upgrades and new installations.

Vista Old Electrical System Upgrades & Inspections

If you're remodeling your Vista home now, you'll want to have a qualified electrician to replace or add electrical wiring to your home. Vista electricians like ours at Shamrock Electric, will always put your safety ahead of everything else, which is why we're always careful to assess our customers electrical systems for safety. If you suspect you need an update to your electrical system, don't wait -give us a call so we can come out to take a look at what may need to be done. We offer other services as well to help you with your Vista home's electrical system including surge protection, panel upgrades, professional inspections, lighting replacements, spa and hot tub wiring, troubleshooting, breakers, fuse and outlet repairs, and a full line of other electrical services you may need.

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