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At Shamrock Electric we specialize in electrical system repairs, upgrades, installation and maintenance. We can also conduct inspections and do troubleshooting in order to identify damaged or weak areas in your wiring. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial properties across Camp Pendleton South and Southern California. So whether you own a small home or a large multi-level office building, we provide the same high-level professional service that meets all your needs. If you're getting ready to launch a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, let us help you discover ways that you can upgrade your wiring in order to accommodate your newly designed room.

Home Remodeling Solutions

One of the most overlooked yet crucial steps in the home remodeling is electrical system inspections. An inspection will determine exactly what your electrical needs will be once the renovation is complete. We do whole house remodeling and can fully re-route, upgrade or extend you property's current electrical system. This covers everything from installing a new panel, to strategically placing outlets along the walls, replacing the old wiring, and so much more. By letting us help you remodel your home, it adequately prepares you for any remodeling ideas you have down the road.

Professional Home Service Upgrades

There are several practical reasons to upgrade the electrical system in your home. Safety is the primary concern. As a home's wiring gets older, it several components begin to deteriorate and weaken. Wiring gets old, connections become loose or corroded, and the equipment can no longer meet the power demands of modern electronics and heavy duty appliances. By upgrading everything in your home, you create a safer environment while getting the most from an electrical system that perform more efficiently. When you are ready to bring your old wiring into the 21st century, contact Shamrock Electric.

Thorough and Dependable Electrical Repairs

Do you live in an older home in Camp Pendleton South? If so, you may be experiencing some wear and tear with your electrical wiring which can lead to problems down the road. We offer complete electrical repair for all types of standard wiring system in both homes and businesses. Our service includes a full inspection of your wiring, panels, outlets, and other electrical components in order to determine what the problems are. We then go to work to completely restore you system. This creates a safe and efficient environment throughout your entire home interior.

Brighten Your Home With Interior Lighting

Nothing sets the mood in your home like lighting. With hundreds of different possibilities to choose from designing and installing light with Shamrock Electric is easier than ever. We begin by sitting down with you in order to get your ideas and an overall vision for what you want your room to look like. We then help you pick out the right products and type of lighting perfect for the room, and then install your entire lighting system on site. When the project is completed you have brand new lighting that accents the environment in any room in your home. You will absolutely love the results!

Exterior Lighting For Landscapes, Patios and Walkways

Are you looking for a unique way to make your Camp Pendleton South home stand out? Exterior Lighting from Shamrock Electric can give you a cutting edge light design that is both functional and enhances your entire landscape. Whether you are looking for security lighting, landscape lighting, or illumination for your patio or deck, we install complete lighting systems with everything from soft lighting, to spotlights and LED lights. We have lights that stand out while other light is hidden only highlighting a certain object such as a statue or fountain. We also install lights for your outside pool. Whatever your needs, we can help you implement you new light system today!

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"During the remodeling of my kitchen, I needed some electrical work done. Shamrock Electric ran a line to the house, installed about eight outlets, put in a sub panel and several switches. He also did some wiring for my appliances. He did excellent work and I liked the fact that he was the only person who came out to do the work. He was very careful and specific while completing the job. I was amazed how just one person did all the work so fast."

| Rated: 3 / 3

"Shamrock Electric is an outstanding and effective electrician. I own a condo in Solana Beach with a tenant living in it. She found Shamrock Electric to b e professional, courteous, and quick. This is an asset for every landlord. Shamrock Electric quickly located the issues, called me with a quote. I approved and the job was completed promptly. I recommend Shamrock Electric because he is honest, reliable, cost effective, prompt and friendly. A professional every homeowner needs in there phonebook."

| Rated: 3 / 3


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