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Since 1992, the team at Shamrock Electric has been providing superior electrical service for both home and business owners in Bonsall and the surrounding Southern California area. We offer a wide variety of products and services that keep your electrical system running smoothly all year long. This includes everything from major and minor repairs to interior and exterior lighting, panel upgrades, new wiring installation, troubleshooting and inspections. We also offer complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling. When it comes to electricity we do it all. Contact a Shamrock Electric technician today and let us help you with your electrical needs.

Dependable Electrical Repairs

Do you live in an older home in Bonsall? If so, you may be experiencing some wear and tear with your electrical wiring which can lead to problems down the road. We offer complete electrical repair for all types of standard wiring system in both homes and businesses. Our service includes a full inspection of your wiring, panels, outlets, and other electrical components in order to determine what the problems are. We then go to work to completely restore you system. This creates a safe and efficient environment throughout your entire home interior.

Creative Lighting Solutions

Nothing sets the mood in your home like lighting. With hundreds of different possibilities to choose from designing and installing light with Shamrock Electric is easier than ever. We begin by sitting down with you in order to get your ideas and an overall vision for what you want your room to look like. We then help you pick out the right products and type of lighting perfect for the room, and then install your entire lighting system on site. When the project is completed you have brand new lighting that accents the environment in any room in your home. You will absolutely love the results!

Exterior Lighting

Are you looking for a unique way to make your Bonsall home stand out? Exterior Lighting from Shamrock Electric can give you a cutting edge light design that is both functional and enhances your entire landscape. Whether you are looking for security lighting, landscape lighting, or illumination for your patio or deck, we install complete lighting systems with everything from soft lighting, to spotlights and LED lights. We have lights that stand out while other light is hidden only highting a certain object such as a statue or fountain. We also install lights for your outside pool. Whatever your needs, we can help you implement you new light system today!

Fluorescent Ballast

If you currently operate gas discharge lamps, and need either a new or replacement ballast, then contact Shamrock Electric. We implement ballasts for all type of fluorescent light models. Our ballasts provide a high initial voltage to trigger the discharge, then rapidly limits the lamp current to safely sustain the discharge. They reduce energy loss that occurs when fluorescent lights operate at high levels. This helps your fluorescent lights work more efficiently and saves you energy which, in turn, saves you money in the long run.

Innovative Recessed Lighting

With sleek designs and a natural inlay into your ceilings or walls, recessed lighting gives your room a clean modern look that is unparalleled. Since they are generally elevated, they provide maximum light that covers the entire area. There are dozens of styles, textures and colors to choose from. They also come available in various shapes including standard round and square cans which are most popular. Recessed lights have the flexibility to fit anywhere inside your home or around your deck or porch area. Put away your floor lamps and remove the clutter by investing in affordable recessed lighting from Shamrock Electric.

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"We used Shamrock Electric and were very pleased with the professional people that we worked with.My apartment building needed some electrical work done and Mike did a great job."

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"I was very pleased with the way Shamrock Electric went out of their way to make sure that my lights were the ones I wanted."

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